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This Is What Happens When Two Kale Lovers Meet

It’s officially springtime in Hong Kong! The weather is so warm now I’d gladly take the humidity, despite my exploding frizzy hair. I can finally rock tshirts and shorts! Clar and I decided to meet up again since I owed her money from my iHerb haul so we went to Café Deadend – mainly because I saw in the photos everyone had been sharing on social media that there were pink blooming flowers, haha.

The last time I was at Café Deadend was… okay it was a month back for a cup of tea, but before that, when I actually went for food, was two years ago! The prices have gone up but otherwise, everything still tastes really good and the environment is priceless as always. The only shitty thing was the mosquito bites.

The Architecture

Café Deadend in Po Hing Fong, Hong Kong

Café Deadend in Po Hing Fong, Hong Kong

Café Deadend is not easy to get to, especially on a hot humid day. True to its name, it’s located in the deadend of Po Hing Fong, which is above Tai Ping Shan Street and is a good 10-minute hike from MTR Sheung Wan Station. Even though I’d been there before, I got lost… oh, me and my direction sense.

Café Deadend in Po Hing Fong, Hong Kong

Since the weather was nice, Clar and I decided to sit outside. The main difference between being sat indoors and outdoors in the café is the kitchenware that the food is served to you on – proper plates and cups versus takeaway boxes, paper cups and disposable cutlery. And… I’m not a hundred percent sure, correct me if I wrong – no service charge outside? You’d have to deal with the mosquitoes, though. I left after a one hour meal with a new set of bloated legs.

The Food

Kale Caesar Salad in Café Deadend in Po Hing Fong, Hong Kong

My eyes immediately lit up when I saw that Café Deadend still served their Kale Caesar Salad, which I’d had two years ago. There was just something about the salad that had me craving it for two years. And y’know, I do love my kale, which is hella expensive in Hong Kong. Clar, who’s also a hardcore kale advocate, decided on the same thing. Hence the title of this blog post.

Sadly, the price of the salad had increased since my last visit to Café Deadend. I remember the price range being within a hundred dollars. But with two years, so much fame and the rising rent, the Kale Caesar Salad increasing to HKD$105 now is reasonable. Still expensive for a tiny portion, though (but that’s what you pay for Instagram-worthy shots).

Kale Caesar Salad in Café Deadend in Po Hing Fong, Hong Kong

The salad was served with sardines, pancetta, parmesan cheese and an onsen egg. I asked for mine with dressing on the side and without cheese. Even eaten like this, which probably most people would find rather plain, I loved it!

The Verdict

Knowing me, I’ll be back. I mean, I’ve been to Café Deadend three times already. Granted, the visits are in the space of two years… but any Instagram-worthy café, no matter the price (unless it’s super ridiculous) is an instant hit with me. Café Deadend is a bit on the expensive side though, and the hike all the way up… hmm, that takes points off. But if any of my friends want to lunch, brunch or tea there anytime in the future, I’m all in!

Outfit of the Day

OOTD Outfit of the Day - H&M, Adidas Superstars, Bunkaya Zakkaten

First off, I’d like to repeat how delighted I am about the change in weather. To celebrate the warmth, my outfit of the day was a cheap white top from Mong Kok’s Argyle Centre (THE tween place to go to for budget buys – even though I’m not a tween anymore), a denim high waist skirt from H&M kids, my Adidas Superstars and a faux black leather bag from a vintage shop in Tsim Sha Tsui called Bunkaya Zakkaten 文化屋雑貨店.

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