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Minimalist AirBnB in Shanghai for White Addicts

Back in June this year, Jason and I spent a short weekend in Shanghai. We decided to rent an AirBnB since I didn’t want to stay in a hostel as I hate communal bathrooms. Plus, when it comes to AirBnBs, you can choose somewhere that suits your design preferences. I was adamant on finding a minimalist AirBnB in Shanghai – one that was white, please. Now, I was a newbie to the service and Jason had stayed in plenty of AirBnBs before, but we both had not tried the service in Shanghai, or any part of China for that matter. It was a gamble when we rented White Studio in the Ruifu District of Huangpu.

Minimalist AirBnB in Shanghai for white addicts

When I say it was a gamble, I’m referring to the fact that China isn’t exactly the safest place in the world, and anyway, hotels are pretty cheap there, even reputable ones. It’s easy to see why someone might opt to spend a night at a swanky serviced location instead. But Jason and I wanted a kitchen so we could cook (we didn’t, in the end – we only had four days so we wanted to try out every restaurant on our list!), so we thought, why not?

Minimalist AirBnB in Shanghai for white addicts

Minimalist AirBnB in Shanghai for white addicts

When we found the perfect minimalist AirBnB in Shanghai, we were beyond delighted.

Why Shanghai?

Minimalist AirBnB in Shanghai for white addicts

Four years ago during my Architecture undergraduate studies, I went on a three-month long exchange in Shanghai. That time, I’d grown sick of the city and had even sworn I wouldn’t go back. Who would’ve believed that just a few years ago, I’d suddenly miss Shanghai? I guess it’s true when they say “never say never”!


Minimalist AirBnB in Shanghai for white addicts

Before we talk about the boring stuff, let’s start with the most important aspect of our minimalist AirBnB in Shanghai: the design. There’s a reason why this review is titled Minimalist AirBnB in Shanghai for White Addicts. Jason and I browsed around many room listings in the city with very specific requirements in mind before settling on White Studio.

We weren’t looking for much. We wanted a simplistic space with modern furnishings and most importantly, it had to be white in colour scheme. Shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Minimalist AirBnB in Shanghai for white addicts

Jason and I found many listings that were not only cheap but offered large white spaces for low prices, yet those were usually furnished in Chinese decor. They were beautiful but weren’t what we had in mind.

Though smaller than its counterparts, our minimalist AirBnB in Shanghai definitely fulfilled our wishes in terms of interior design. It accommodates up to four people with two beds, one king-sized and one queen-sized. Keep in mind that it is a studio so the four renters would have to stay in the same room. It also has all the essential amenities including air conditioning, heating, a washing machine, a TV, a small kitchen space for cooking and most importantly for the 20th-century individual, wifi.


Minimalist AirBnB in Shanghai for white addicts

The minimalist AirBnB in Shanghai we rented is a five-minute walk away from Dashijie Subway Station, and 10 minutes away from People’s Square. It’s basically in central Shanghai city and you can easily reach many major tourist spots like The Bund, Yu Garden and Xintiandi within half an hour.


Minimalist AirBnB in Shanghai for white addicts

The AirBnB is located inside a local apartment in the Ruifu District of Huangpu. I’d say the area is pretty safe, with many hotpot eateries opening late into the night. We usually got back fairly late at night at around 9 o’clock, and there were many people still out and about on the streets. Provided that you don’t return home too late, you wouldn’t need to worry about the short walk back much.


Minimalist AirBnB in Shanghai for white addicts

At the time we visited, it was around HKD$550 per night. Split between the two of us, it was a fair amount. If you’re less picky about the design, there are tons more options than this particular minimalist AirBnB in Shanghai – better and bigger options, too. But for Jason and me, it was perfect. According to White Studio‘s AirBnB page, an extra HKD$60 is charged for each extra person per night. It’s a good alternative to choosing another AirBnB that accommodates five people because if you’re quite small like me, the beds can easily fit an extra person, no problem.

Dates visited: 10 June 2016 – 13 June 2016

White Studio
Ruifu District, Huangpu, Shanghai

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  1. I have never done AirBnB before 😮 but this
    home looks homey and cozy c:
    And the location is super convenient too!
    xx Ice Pandora

    • Same, it was my first time actually and my boyfriend organised the whole thing!

  2. AirBnB sort of scares me, but this looks lovely!! My husband and I may have to try it out!!

    • They scare me too, it was my first time! You won’t be disappointed with this AirBnB for its price… but don’t expect too much because it IS super cheap.

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