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Charmaine Ng, founder of CHARMAINENYW.COM


Do you have a love for all things aesthetical? Do your friends always judge you because they think you’re superficial? Do you feel self-consciously shallow whenever you go to beautiful places, take a bunch of photos, then leave?

I’m here to let you know you’re completely normal.

Maybe you’ve been shoved into the workaholic society of your city, pressured to get a 9-to-5 job with complete disregards to your real passions – to explore and photograph. When you finally have time off, you’re exhausted.

Here at CHARMAINENYW.COM, I save you the trouble of finding new places to go. I’m always in the know about trendy spots. People often come to me for advice on cafés, but my interests extend to art and architecture as well. Basically, anything that is pleasing to the eye!

If you’re anything like me, please take a moment to subscribe to free prompts of my blog posts sent straight to your email and make sure to follow me on social media. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Before long, your friends will be begging you for location advice. 😉

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About Charmaine Ng, Founder

Hey! I’m Charmaine. I’m a 23-year-old who holds a master’s degree in Journalism and a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of Hong Kong. I’ll probably be found doing one of two things: obsessing over the perfect perspective in my Instagram pictures or y’know, on a slightly deeper level: sharing my experience and knowledge in the design field to mass media. 😉

It hasn’t always been like this, of course. I went through my childhood as an overachiever in every aspect of my life. But the consequences of having perfect grades? I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to pursue later on. I couldn’t pinpoint that sweet spot. I just knew I’d always been praised for my writing, art and design, so I went with the flow and studied Architecture in university.

It was only after I graduated (with First-class Honours, no less!) and worked for a year did I finally let myself explore that itch. I guess I’d always known I had a thing for writing deep down, having been a bookworm all my life and having won several short story writing competitions during my teenage years. But I suppressed pursuing that passion because I knew it wasn’t as “stable” of a job as Architecture in money-obsessed Hong Kong.

So I took a risk. I ditched the prestigious professional title and high salaries to get a master’s degree in Journalism. I worked at HK MagazineCultural Journalism Campus and did several freelance gigs. I don’t regret joining the writing path so late though – if anything, Architecture has taught me a lot about making graphics – so I can do more than your average journalist!

Feel free to check my LinkedIn for my full CV and don’t hesitate to email me at

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